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Training Opportunities

The UC Davis Early Psychosis Programs are committed to training the next generation of clinicians and researchers in evidenced-based early psychosis care. We have developed multiple training programs in collaboration with local universities or mental health programs to address the needs of students in our community.

UC Davis Psychiatry Fellowship

As part of the UC Davis Psychiatry residency program, residents can participate in a specific placement within the UC Davis EDAPT or SacEDAPT clinic. Under the supervision of our Director and physicians, the resident will receive training in assessment and psychopharmacology for early psychosis, as well as individual and family psychoeducation and psychosocial treatment. Residents can also co-lead group interventions with individuals or families.

UC Davis SacEDAPT-CAARE Collaborative Predoctoral Internship for Ph.D. Trainees

Supported by funding from HRSA, two Predoctoral Psychology Internship positions are available at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital and UC Davis Department of Psychiatry beginning August 15th, 2014 under the new Trauma-Adolescent Mental Illness tract within the CAARE Center’s APA accredited internship program. Through a collaboration between the UC Davis CAARE Diagnostic and Treatment Center and SacEDAPT (Sacramento County Early Diagnosis and Preventive Treatment) Clinic, there will be two internship positions for eligible applicants focusing on treatment of trauma in youth in the early stages of psychotic illness and their families. Interns will spend 50% of their time at the CAARE Center and 50% at SacEDAPT. They will be provided training in two empirically based approaches, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy and the assessment and treatment of early psychosis using the EDAPT model. Interested applicants must come from an APA accredited program; have an interest in trauma and/or early psychosis; and experience working with children and/or adolescents. Applications for these internship positions for the 2015 cycle must be submitted through APPIC.

For more information, see: http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/children/clinical_services/CAARE/pdfs/Brochure%202015-2016L.pdf

Alliant University Clinical Ph.D. Predoctoral Externship

The goal of the SacEDAPT externship placement is to provide 2nd year Psychology Graduate students from Alliant University Sacramento with training and supervision in assessment, individual therapy and group therapy services that address the needs of individuals with early psychosis and their families. In their assessment role, students will be trained in the reliable administration of standardized clinical interviews, and will have the opportunity to develop their diagnostic assessment skills in a challenging clinical population, while also broadening their understanding of psychotic disorders. In their clinical role, students will receive training in individual therapy and in group therapy, and will have the opportunity to provide direct clinical services to patients and their families. All activities will be conducted under the direct supervision of a licensed staff, and assessment and group therapy activities will be monitored through group supervision. This externship is 16 hours per week.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are an enrolled student within one of the specified programs (UCD Psychiatry Fellowship, Ph.D Student from an APA accredited university, or Alliant Clinical Psy.D. program) and are interested in these training opportunities, please contact:

Tara Niendam, PhD
(916) 734-3090

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we only provide training opportunities (i.e. externships or internships) to individuals who are currently affiliated with the specified programs. We are not able to take on additional trainees at this time.