EDAPT Screening Survey

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the symptoms identified on this website but are unsure whether our clinical services are right for you, please take this 21-question Screening Survey. Your answers cannot be linked to you or your computer, but will provide you an immediate recommendation about whether you should contact EDAPT or SacEDAPT for a comprehensive assessment.

If your score indicates that you do not need to call our clinic, you will receive information and referrals to other organizations and services which will be most appropriate for you. Of course, you are always welcome to call or email us regardless of your results.

Please indicate whether you have had the following thoughts, feelings and experiences in the past month by checking "yes" or "no" for each item. Do not include experiences that occur only while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications that were not prescribed to you. If you answer "YES" to an item, you will also indicate how distressing that experience has been for you.

1. Do familiar surroundings sometimes seem strange, confusing, threatening or unreal to you?

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