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Early Psychosis Programs
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Are you interested in learning more about
early identification and intervention for psychosis?

What will I learn at this educational session?

At first glance, the early warning signs of serious mental illness and psychosis can look similar to laziness, forgetfulness, learning difficulties, sadness, or trouble paying attention. However, there are a number of critical "red flags" that professionals and parents can look for in young people that may signal the onset of serious changes in mental health.

In our educational sessions, we will show you:

  1. why early identification of at-risk youth is critical
  2. the early warning signs that you can look for
  3. how to refer them to our clinics for help.

How long is the educational session?

Our educational sessions can last 10 minutes (for a quick overview of the signs and referral process) up to 3 hours! Longer educational sessions can include videos, review of real world case vignettes, and a presentation on lived experience by the SacEDAPT Peer or Family Advocate. Handouts will be provided on early warning signs, screening methods, and where to go for additional reading.

Who is this educational session appropriate for?

These educational sessions can be tailored to ALL AUDIENCES, including consumers, students — at all grade levels and college, parents, teachers, counselors, school support staff, trainees and interns, MFTs, social workers, psychologists, MDs, nurses, and others who work with youth and young adults — from beginning to advanced.

If you or your organization would be interested in an educational session, please contact:

Khalima Bolden, PhD
(916) 734-2964

Additional Suggested Reading for Providers