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Who is eligible for EDAPT?


If you or someone you know is interested in clinical services through EDAPT or would like to learn more about our clinic, please contact:

Daniel Nguyen
(916) 734-3350

If you are experiencing symptoms but are unsure whether our clinical services are right for you, please take this 21-question screening survey:
Click HERE to take the screening survey

UCDMC Physicians: How to Refer via EPIC

EPIC Instructions

Available Services

Frontdesk Our recovery based treatment approach provides services for 2 years focusing on 1) reducing and managing symptoms and distress and 2) improving individuals' ability to achieve success in independent roles.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment

State-of-the-art clinical assessment tools are used to evaluate each client to determine the appropriate diagnosis in order to guide treatment. Assessments of psychosocial functioning also determine areas where targeted treatment is needed.

Medication Management

Regular and frequent appointments with a psychiatrist, tailored to control and alleviate symptoms with the fewest amount of side effects.

Case Management and Support

Each client has a clinical case manager who helps to identify the client's unique needs and recovery goals, which will be used to develop a treatment plan that encourages the client to build upon their strengths and take an active role in treatment decisions.

Individual/Family Psychoeducation and Support Groups

Weekly groups for clients and their family members are designed to provide support and improve understanding of the illness, develop stress and symptom management techniques, and enhance communication and problem solving skills. Specific groups include:

Multi-family Psychoeducation and Support Groups

Weekly multi-family groups for families are based upon the PIER treatment model. Psychoeducation and support are provided to increase understanding about the illness, improve stress management and communication skills within the family, and develop problem solving skills.

Supported Education and Employment

Supported Education and Employment services are provided as part of a collaboration with Crossroads Diversified Services, Inc. at an hourly fee-for-service. These services can be provided within the client's home, school or workplace to improve everyday functioning and help clients achieve their goals of social, academic and occupational recovery. Click here for more information

Our Clinical Team

Dr. Cameron Carter
Dr. Carter is a Professor of Psychiatry and has been involved in the care of early schizophrenia for the past 12 years. He directs the EDAPT Clinic and the Psychosis Research and Education Program in the Department of Psychiatry at UC Davis Medical Center as well as the UC Davis Imaging Research Center. Dr. Cameron Carter
Dr. Tara Niendam
Dr. Niendam is an Associate Professor in Psychiatry and a licensed clinical psychologist with specialized training in psychodiagnositic and cognitive assessment in youth at risk for or in the early stages of psychosis. As the Executive Director, Dr. Niendam supervises clinic activities and staff and coordinates outreach and educational presentations within the community. She also serves as the Co-Director for our HRSA funded pre-doctoral Trauma and Adolescent Mental Illness (TAMI) internship, which is a collaboration with the UC Davis CAARE Center to provide evidence-based trauma informed care to youth with early psychosis. In her research, Dr. Niendam is interested in understanding how deficits in cognition can influence an individual's ability to maintain age-appropriate social and work/school functioning, as well as how the use of smartphones can improve clinical care for youth with psychosis. Dr. Tara Niendam
Dr. Paula Wadell
Dr. Wadell is an Associate Physician at UC Davis and the Medical Director of the UC Davis Early Psychosis programs.  She is both an adult psychiatrist and a child and adolescent psychiatrist.  She completed her medical school, residency and fellowship at UC Davis.  Through these training programs she has experience with most inpatient and outpatient treatment programs in the Sacramento area.  She has past research experience in genetics and social deficits in developmental disorders.  As Medical Director, she provides psychiatric care and develops systems of care to ensure that all clients are receiving the best treatment possible. Dr. Paula Wadell
Dr. Laura Tully
Dr. Tully is an Assistant Professor in the UC Davis Psychiatry Department and the Director of Clinical Training at the UC Davis Early Psychosis Program (SacEDAPT and EDAPT clinics). Dr. Tully provides instruction in evidence-based treatment and assessment approaches for early psychosis youth, with an emphasis on CBT for psychosis. Dr. Tully’s research includes the use of smartphone technologies, such as mobile health applications, as add-on tools for symptom management and treatment in early psychosis care. In particular, Dr. Tully is interested in how to improve emotion regulation skills using smartphone app technology in order to reduce stress and symptom exacerbations. Dr. Laura Tully
Dr. Ruth Shim
Dr. Shim is an Associate Professor and the Director of Cultural Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UC Davis. She completed medical school, residency, and fellowship training at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her research interests include the prevention of mental illnesses and substance use disorders and addressing mental health inequities. Ruth Shim
Dr. J. Daniel Ragland
Dr. Ragland is a licensed clinical psychologist who completed his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at American University. Dr. Ragland is interested in the role that organizational abilities play in learning and remembering new information, how schizophrenia disrupts these organizational processes, and how treatment of these deficits may improve patients' daily function. In the EDAPT clinic, Dr. Ragland assists with intake assessments. Dr. J. Daniel Ragland
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from UC Davis. As a student, he worked in several clinical settings at the UC Davis Medical Center as well as student-run clinics. Daniel also assisted in a mental health practice which utilized Google Glass technology for clinical support. Daniel is one of our new clinic coordinators and he looks forward to supporting the EDAPT clients and families.   Daniel Nguyen
Yovanna Aguilera, B.S., B.A.
Yovanna is one of the EDAPT clinic coordinators. She graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a biological emphasis, as well as with a Bachelors of Arts in Chicano Studies. Yovanna has worked with student-run clinics such as Clinica Tepati, which serves the uninsured Latina/o population in Sacramento, as well as with the California Coalition for Youth as a Bilingual Crisis Counselor. Throughout her undergrad work Yovanna has been affiliated with various volunteer organizations that center around community involvement, especially when it comes to serving the underserved. She is looking forward to being a part of the team and believes in the strength and resilience of those clients EDAPT aims to serve. Yovanna Aguilera, B.S., B.A.